Cellar Services


SubVino currently offers management for at-home, personal cellars. For more information, contact us. This service will extend to SubVino storage units upon the opening of the center.

When you store wine at SubVino, you decide upon the level of service that you desire based on your interest, time constraints and budget.

Do you...

...need a place to keep your wine safe where it can age gracefully over a long period with litter intervention?  Our Bronze Level might be right for you. This level is included when you store wine with us.

...have a few deliveries coming in each month and need the wines unpacked and organized within your cellar? Do you want bottles ready to pick up for you on your way to the restaurant? Do you need wines shipped to friends or family? Maybe the Silver Level is right for you.

...want active cellar management in which we take care of all the details, manage all your deliveries and shipping, enter the cellar into Cellartracker, and help you decide what to drink now or later? What to buy, sell, or trade? You should look into our Gold Level.