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The University School Nashville Evening Classes

I will teach two classes through this great program to help fund scholarships for this Nashville institution. Read below for information:

Natural Wines Seminar February 12, 2019 7:00 PM

This is a seminar and tasting focused on the best of the natural wine movement, and what it means for your sensory enjoyment. A drastic shift has taken place in the wine world over the past 15 years, and one that mirrors the trend in food towards environment- and health-conscious practices. The world of wines is on the table, and we will taste through the wines that one increasingly finds on lists in the best restaurants and in wine bars. Less intervention and manipulation both in the vineyard and the winery leads to a broader, less homogenized range of smells, tastes and textures that you can enjoy.

Central Italian Wines February 19, 2019 7:00 PM

Are you planning to travel to Florence, Umbria, Rome or the Adriatic? Have you been recently and want to relive the experience? This class looks into great detail the regions Toscana, Umbria, Le Marché, Abruzzo, Emilia- Romagna, Molise, and Lazio, and we taste through the great wines from the heart of the country. Brunello to Verdicchio is covered, and the wines will be accompanied by cheeses and meats from the same regions.


Subvino provides opportunities for wine lovers to gather, share wines and learn. A variety of high quality, engaging and informative classes will be offered across Nashville for the wine-curious.

I offer classes tailored both to lovers of wine and to the professional who intends to make wine part of their career. Single-night, informal tastings and exploration classes will be regularly offered. Food and wine interactions will be explored.

A survey course of the wines of the world will give anyone more tools to begin exploring the world of wine. There will be classes focused on grapes, countries and broad styles of wines. 

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