Restaurant and Distributor Services


I provide in-house education opportunity for your employees. I create education programs to raise the wine expertise of your crew which consequently raises revenue, produces better customer service, and engages your employees over the long-term. 

Subvino offers training for your  staff in all the finer points of wine service, history, varietals and styles of wine. I will prepare them to offer food and wine pairing suggestions and to generally make your guests feel comfortable and excited about your wine program.

The most important thing you can offer your employees is the opportunity for long-term growth within your company. By providing wine education that excites, challenges, and enlightens, you will see your employees grow more confident in their abilities to enlighten guests and sell wine.

I have been involved in wine education for over 15 years with groups ranging from 1-100 people and across experience levels. I will work with you as business owners and managers to determine what information is most necessary to convey, the time frame we have to work in, and the resources you have to devote to training.

Individual, tailored training sessions can be crafted for your restaurant or distribution staff. Or, send your staff to our wine classes or tastings at a group rate!