Storage: Available winter 2018


SubVino offers fine wine and beer storage under ideal temperature and humidity control. Storage is secure, accessible during extended hours and centrally located.

Our storage facility is cooled to 55 degrees and maintains 75% humidity. Temperature, light, humidity and movement fluctuations are kept to an absolute minimum to ensure your wines mature properly. The cooling system is sophisticated enough so that there is less +/- 2 degree fluctuation in any 24 hour period, and supplies humidity to the area to keep it in the 75% range.

Our guests access the storage facility through a secure, electronically locked door. Once inside, the individual lockers are secured with a lock accessible only to that guest and SubVino staff. The storage area is monitored by video for heightened security.

Wine lockers in a variety of configurations are available. Initially, there are five options: Small 10 case lockers, Medium 20 case lockers, Large 30 case lockers and rooms 6x6x7 - 252 cubic feet and 12x6x7 - 504 cubic feet. If your collection needs another configuration, contact us and we will come up with a solution.